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Let Siri Carry Your Wallet: Payments at the Speed of Conversation

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We have released integration with the iPhone’s personal assistant Siri.  Simply ask her to pay and charge your friends.  Here are some examples of how it works:

“Tell Venmo to charge Alan O’Donnell four dollars and fifty cents for an iced latte from Starbucks”

“Tell Venmo to send Andrew Staub five dollars for a beer.  Thanks for building talk to pay.  This is sick!”

Here is your payment grammar lesson and how it works:

“Tell Venmo” + {send or charge} +  {the full name of the person you are paying} + {the amount of the payment} + {what you are paying for}

Siri will draft a text message for you to review and send to Venmo.  We’ll double check your grammar and make sure you are paying or charging one of your Venmo friends.  If everything looks good, we’ll pay or charge your friend and send you and Siri a confirmation message.


- Make sure you have our number (646-863-9557) saved as “Venmo” in your phone’s address book.

- Make sure to use your friend’s full name.

- Register for Venmo by downloading our iPhone or Android app.


- You can use “pay” instead of “send” but Siri often has trouble with this word. For some reason Apple decided to optimize for the word “hey” in text messages :).

- If you want to make a payment that includes cents, use the words dollars and cents.  For example, say “ten dollars and fifty cents for a burger” and not “ten fifty for a burger”.   Siri will interpret “ten fifty” as $1050 and you will be eating some expensive meat.