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Venmo's Head of Culture Talks Employee One-on-Ones

· by Venmo

At Venmo, we’ve been working hard to find the best people to join our team. Dan Garfinkel, our head of culture and community, is in charge of maintaining the Venmo vibe as the team grows.  “We are now 24 people strong… and we’re all responsible for setting the tone for Venmo as we continue to grow,” Dan said in a company-wide meeting on culture and community building initiatives.

To help make sure every person on the team gets to know their co-workers, Dan introduced company one-on-ones. Each week, every Venmo employee is paired with another member of our team to spend a little one-on-one time outside of the office. 

Team members agree on an activity for their outing, pay for it and are reimbursed with a simple charge to the Venmo employee expense account. Sometimes we just grab lunch, a beer, or a coffee, but some people in the office like to be a bit more creative. Engineer Alan and designer Christine used their Venmo spending cash to play a friendly game of poker. One engineer, Julian, was considering handing out flowers at the high line park for his next one-on-one.  “It’s choose your own destiny, once a week,” said marketing manager, Cora.

In true Venmo fashion, after Dan announced the one-on-ones our engineers started arguing over how the pairs should be selected. To help sort through the different programming solutions our engineers offered, Dan held a company-wide competition to see who could write the most efficient program. We won’t mention any names, but the winner earned serious dough from his congratulations via Venmo.

No matter how many people come onboard in the future, Venmo plans to make sure the company always feels friendly, vibrant and close-knit. As Dan said, “Happy team members work hard for the team.”