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Tutorial: Using Venmo for Tutors and Service Providers

· by Venmo

As a tutor or any on-location service provider, it’s especially difficult to accept credit card payments. Since cash may not be the most convenient payment option, let’s take a look at how you can use Venmo to enable mobile payments and promote yourself using SMS.

Promote your Services

By setting up a Venmo merchant account and a username, you can set up a profile on Venmo Marketplace where you promote your services. Use our social media tools to get the word out about your offerings on Twitter and Facebook, and make sure that you always have clients.

Accept Easy Payments

When you’re on location after your task is completed, just send Venmo a text message with your client’s phone number, email address, or Venmo username with the amount he owes you, with the syntax “$45 from 5156088009 for math tutoring”. He’ll receive notification of the invoice, and will receive reminders until the payment has been made. Once it has, it’ll be transferred to your Venmo account.

Never deal with cash anymore! Sign up for Venmo today and use it as a service provider.