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Tutorial: How to sell music at a concert or show using Venmo

· by Venmo

Back when people used to buy CD’s, it was easy to make sales on the spot during performances and gigs, catering to the fans’ desires to support musicians they enjoy. In the digital age, it’s been tough to capitalize on the same dynamic, as fans opt to buy music at home on the computer, where they have more options and you have less of a direct marketing influence. Change this today by using Venmo SMS Pay to promote your music during performances, and make it easy for fans to support you!

  1. Log onto your Venmo Merchant Account and set keywords for the items you want to sell, making sure to check “digital goods” and “randomly generate password key” for the music. At the end of this process, select “generate HTML code” and copy the code.
  2. On your website, set up a page where users can download your album, and enter the HTML code to make the page password protected.
  3. Before, during, or after your performance, inform your listeners that they can purchase your music by sending a text to shortcode 646-863-9557 with the prompt “VENMO #keywordname” (you set the keyword, so it would read “VENMO TheWhiteAlbum”, for example)
  4. If users have a Venmo account, the payment will be processed, and users will receive a text with the URL and password to download the music from.
  5. If they don’t, they’ll receive another SMS to enter and verify their credit card information, and their payment will be processed.

It’s that simple!