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New Venmo Features

· by Venmo

We’ve been working hard at listening to your feedback and adding new features that make Venmo easier to use. Rejoice— we’re getting closer to being able to completely eliminate cash from our lives.

  • Alert preferences- In your account settings, you can now control how often you receive notifications from Venmo— weekly transaction summaries, payment notifications, and Fav notifications.
  • Invite your friends- You can now invite up to 10 friends to Venmo. Give the gift of Venmo to people who you frequently exchange money with— roommates, friends, and family members!
  • Tweet your payments- Connect to Twitter, and post your Venmo payments automatically to Twitter by adding “#tw” at the end of each message you send to Venmo. Use our Twitter Connect to share payments, invoice your friends who owe you money, and share items you’re selling with your friends!
  • Fav spell check- We all make typos (yes, even this guy). If you try to make a payment on Venmo to one of your fav’s, and accidentally type in the wrong name, we’ll make sure you had the correct user.
  • As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and comments. Think of a killer feature we need to add? Let us know! Talk to us at our support forum, on TwitterFacebook, or just leave us a comment below.