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How to automatically label Venmo receipts in Gmail

· by Venmo

If you’re like us, you probably live in your Gmail inbox. Read on to learn how to set up a filter to automatically label and archive all Venmo receipts, so you can easily organize and keep track of all your transactions, all from within Gmail!

1. Go to Gmail settings.

2. Go to the “Filters” tab, and click “Create a new filter”.


3. Under the search criteria, enter “Venmo receipt” in the “Has the words” field. If you want, you can do a test search to see all your Venmo transactions highlighted in the search. Select “Next Step”.


4. Select “Apply the label”, and create a new label with a title like “Venmo receipts”, or something similarly simple. Optionally, if you like to archive your inbox (why archive?), you can choose to automatically archive all Venmo receipts by choosing the “Skip the inbox” option.


That’s it! You’ve just set up a filter to automatically label and (optionally) archive all your receipts for Venmo transactions. It’s the simplest way to keep track of your Venmo history if you’re a heavy Gmail user.

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