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Create a Typo Bounty Link for Your Email Signature and Own Your Mistakes

· by Venmo

Typographical and grammatical errors in correspondence are a great way to tell a recipient that you did not spend much effort or time composing your message. I have been keen to eliminate these errors from any emails, chats, blog posts, or even text messages that I write, and as a way to help enforce this habit I now include in my email signature a link to invoice me if you catch me making a mistake.

Here’s what it looks like:

Typo Bounty Email Signature

I used a new feature we have that allows you to create a payment or invoice link to any user page. You can use a simple form to easily create a typo-bounty link of your own with our payment link builder tool. ( I created a short link,, and you could also use a Bitly link to pretty this up for your signature:

Build an invoice link on Venmo

Just enter your Venmo username, an amount you would like to be charged, and a note explaining that you are rewarding anyone who catches you making a mistake.

Payment links are pretty flexible—instead of making a link that prompts someone to charge you, you could also make a link asking someone to pay you for something cool you wrote or a service you provided them. We’ll write up some more interesting and detailed examples of payment and invoice links soon, so stay tuned.

Also, let us know if you create a cool payment or invoice link of your own!