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Venmo Hackathon: Winners and Honorable Mentions

· by Venmo

A lot of companies do Hackathons, and Venmo is no exception. What is exceptional, however, is the talent and comradery that emerged during the wee hours last Wednesday night. A poker app, picture uploader, social payment infographics, and many other cool projects all built string by string through the exploration and utilization of Venmo’s digital architecture.

The winning project, although we are all winners here at Venmo, was built by engineers Peyton, Staub (Andrew) and Christine. They built a poker app called PotBot that let’s you create and manage a poker pool and cash out with Venmo. Needless to say, the team was stoked to put this app into action. 

Honorable mentions include, Venmo Goals, the server infrastructure for a Venmo picture uploader (coming soon to the general public), and the Make It Rain app.


Venmo Goals (pictured above) is an app that helps you hold your friends accountable to their resolutions. A user chooses a goal and then up to four sponsors. When the user acknowledges that s/he has “tripped up” on their goals, the app randomly selects a single support to receive a small Venmo payment.

The Make it Rain app, showers your friends with dollars electronically, via Venmo. Just open the app, pick a friend and, with a swipe of your finger, you can make it rain one Venmo dollar at a time.

Hackathons certainly bring out the creativity in people. What ideas do you have for a hack built using Venmo? Email us at for a chance to have your app idea featured on our blog or built during one of our next hackathons.