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Thank you, open-source community

· by Ayaka Nonaka

By Ayaka Nonaka

We open-source a lot of things at Venmo, and we also use a lot of open-source libraries. To show some appreciation to all of the open-source maintainers and contributors out there, we thought it might be cool to share a list of open-source libraries and tools that the Venmo iOS team relies on. Thank you everyone out there who has contributed to these projects and other projects out there. Here’s to a great 2015!

  • 1PasswordExtension adds 1Password support to our login. (Psssst... Look out for it in our next release!)
  • AFNetworking is great for all things networking, but we especially like UIImageView+AFNetworking for async image loading.
  • Alcatraz is the package manager that brings XVim, FuzzyAutocomplete, GitGutter, etc. to Xcode. Such a must have.
  • BZGFormViewController is great for simple forms that require validation. We use it in our app for our sign up and edit profile views.
  • BZGMailgunEmailValidation is perfect if you use Mailgun for email validation.
  • BlocksKit because dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:animated: delegate methods are no fun at all. Besides, who “clicks” on an iOS device?
  • Braintree allows our users to pay via Venmo on apps like YPlan.
  • CMPopTipView has been useful when we want to draw attention to a new feature that we added.
  • CocoaPods is how we manage all of our dependencies, including private pods. Can’t wait for their 0.36 release which supports Swift!
  • DAZABTest provides a super simple API to do basic A/B tests.
  • Expecta is a great matcher framework that makes your tests read like English. expect(myTests).toNot.beEmpty()
  • Facebook-iOS-SDK makes it easier our users to sign up and find friends to start using Venmo with.
  • FLEX is built into all of our debug and dogfood builds, and it makes finding and fixing UI bugs so much fun and so much easier.
  • FuzzyAutocomplete because Cocoa API’s is so verbose.

objc initRecurrenceWithFrequency:interval:daysOfTheWeek:daysOfTheMonth:monthsOfTheYear:weeksOfTheYear:daysOfTheYear:setPositions:end: anyone?

  • FXBlurView makes it super easy to have your own blurred views to match iOS 7 and 8’s frosty look.
  • FrameAccessor is perfect for the lazy programmer who would prefer to type view.width = 50 intead of CGRect newFrame = view.frame; newFrame.size.width = 50; view.frame = newFrame;
  • GBDeviceInfo tells us useful things about the device our app is running on so we can optimize a little for older devices, etc.
  • GitGutter shows you what lines were changed, added, and removed right in Xcode’s gutter!
  • Godzippa has been immensely helpful when uploading large amounts of data to our API.
  • iRate because we love hearing back from our users. <3 data-preserve-html-node="true"
  • JTSImageViewController is what you see when you tap on a picture on a friend’s profile. We love the interaction where you can flick the image off the screen.
  • KGStatusBar is used to show “offline mode” in the status bar for Braintree merchants to test out Venmo integration. Super simple to use!
  • KIF makes writing automated UI tests such a fun experience. It looks like magic!
  • libextobjc provides us with things like @weakify and @strongify, and one of our favorites is EXTKeyPathCoding which lets us avoid @"stringlyTyped". For example, [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@keypath([Story new], createdDate) ascending:NO] which gets checked at compile time, as opposed to [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"createdDate" ascending:NO] which is prone to typos and harder to refactor.
  • Mantle makes converting JSON reponses to and from objects a breeze.
  • MCDateExtensions adds some nice additions to NSDate that make it a lot more manageable to do date computations, etc.
  • Mixpanel has a really nice dashboard and handles all of our analytics.
  • MMDrawerController is really easy if you want add drawer navigation to your app. We’re looking to bid farewell to our hamburger button in the near future though.
  • MZFormSheetController brings iPad’s UIModalPresentationFormSheet to iPhone.
  • Nocilla is our favorite HTTP stubbing libary because it has such a simple and elegant API.
  • NSURL+QueryDictionary makes it easy to convert URL query params to a dictionary and vice versa.
  • ObjectiveSugar is exactly as it sounds. Add some sugar to your Objective-C!
  • OCMock because dependencies. Though with Swift and its focus on value types, we might be using fewer mocks!
  • oh-my-zsh because all we can say is, “OH MY ZSHELL!”
  • PSTAlertController provides an API similar to iOS 8’s UIAlertController, and it’s backwards compatible with iOS 7.
  • ReactiveCocoa is a different way of thinking about architecture, and we like it. We’re moving more and more towards FRP.
  • Specta allows our specs to read like English and have better structure. it(@"should allow the user to log in", ^{ ... }); instead of testUserShouldBeAbleToLogIn. We think it’s a lot nicer thanReadingABunchOfCamelCasedSentences.
  • SSKeychain provides an elegant abstraction around Apple’s Keychain Services API.
  • SVProgressHUD is basically every spinning progress loader in our app.
  • TOWebViewController is so nice for the few web views that we have in our app, although we’re slowly but surely moving away from them.
  • TTTAttributedLabel appears over and over in our app. Any stylized, tappable looking sections of UILabel’s in our app is probably a TTTAttributedLabel.
  • Underscore.m is one of my personal favorites. Never write a for-loop again.
  • xcpretty makes our Travis CI build output so much cleaner and prettier.
  • XVim I think I’m the only one who thinks this on my team, but it’s impossible to navigate quickly around Xcode without this.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributes to open-source. It makes development so much more collaborative, faster, and fun.

Giving back

Since we use so many open-source libraries, we wanted to give a little back to the community. We hope you find something that you like!

  • DryDock is basically our internal “App Store” for distributing beta builds to the rest of the team.
  • synx reorganizes your Xcode project folder to match your Xcode groups, because Xcode doesn’t already do that for some reason.
  • slather lets you measure test coverage in your iOS projects and optionally hook it into CI.
  • VENCalculatorInputView is the calculator keyboard for the amount field of a payment flow.
  • VENPromotionsManager is what we use for location / time dependent events, like our SXSW promotion last year.
  • VENSeparatorView is the zig-zaggy line that shows up in your payment feed for cash out events, etc.
  • VENTokenField is the style recipients field that we use in our payment and invite flows.
  • VENTouchLock is our Touch ID + pin code integration.
  • VENVersionTracker is what we use to auto-update our dogfood versions. We’re looking to move to using HockeyApp’s equivalent though.
  • Venmo-iOS-SDK lets you build apps that integrate Venmo payments really easily.