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How I Lost 20lbs Working at Venmo

· by Dan Garfinkel


In the summer of 2011 I joined Venmo and weighed 190 pounds. I wasn’t noticeably overweight and had what most would consider a pretty healthy lifestyle. Now, a year and a half later, I’m 20 pounds less, and haven’t made any dramatic changes to my overall lifestyle. Over the past few weeks, I have been coordinating the build out and move into our new office, and realized some of the cool things about our culture that have not only helped me lose weight, but also improved my health and fitness level.

1. Standing Desk — Most of us stand for at least half the day, some stand all day.


2. Healthy Snacks — Our snacks are healthy and plentiful. No chips, cookies, crackers, candy, etc. We have lots of fruits and vegetables such as sugar snap peas, sliced mango, carrots, berries, celery, and pineapple.

3. Business Casual Attire — No expectations for what to wear to the office. Many of us come in wearing exercise clothes. If you are already dressed to exercise, it’s more likely that you will exercise, especially if 3 or 4 people are all going together.

4. Flexible Schedule — My commute to work is a .9 mile walk across town. Rain or shine, I walk. When I get a haircut or go to doctor or anything else, I walk. Not having to make sure I am back by a set time or maintaining a lunch hour allows me to move around more and feel comfortable taking the extra time to walk.

5. Team Lunches — Healthy team lunches. We don’t get pizza. Often times we pick a healthy spot as a group such as Whole Foods or Sunac, and many are looking forward to the Fairway opening on 6th Ave later this summer.

6. Yoga — We have a yoga teacher come to the office a few times per month. Anyone who wants to do yoga can, just bring your own mat.


7. Nearby Parks — On nice days people will go running along the Hudson River trail, play frisbee or soccer at a nearby park in Chelsea, or walk the Highline.

8. No Soda/Sugary Drinks — As a company, we have decided not to stock soda/sugary drinks. We always have plenty of tea, great coffee, and of course water. I probably consume 8-10 pints of water each day.

All these things plus my .9 mile walk to work (2nd Ave to 7th Ave) have had a huge impact. Everyday I do at least 50 pushups, I stand for most of the day, and I have a salad for either lunch or dinner. I don’t eat cookies, candy, or crackers. I try to exercise once or twice a week, I do yoga, I avoid drinking soda, and I love coming to work in sweats and sneakers.

I am now healthier and lighter. I weigh in at 170 pounds, some days I am even 169.

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